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Geography - Sub-Division Bundu(Ranchi)

Bundu Work Profile

Out of total population, 7,042 were engaged in work or business activity. Of this 5,418 were males while 1,624 were females. In census survey, worker is defined as person who does business, job, service, and cultivator and labour activity. Of total 7042 working population, 63.96 % were engaged in Main Work while 36.04 % of total workers were engaged in Marginal Work.

Total Area(in sq km)264.18
Total Urban Area(in sq km)18.00
*Total Households(in nos)13983
*Total Population(in nos)61624
*Total Male Population(in nos)31162
*Total Female Population(in nos)30461
*Total Population below 7 yrs(in nos)8463
*Total Male Population below 7 yrs(in nos)4418
*Total Female Population below 7 yrs(in nos)4045
*Total Literates(in nos)35796
*Total Male Literates(in nos)21885
*Total Female Literates(in nos)13911
Important riversKanchi and Raisa
Industries(in circle)Rice Mill
Important CropsPaddy, Urad, Macca
*Total Households(in nos)30474
*Total Population(in nos)132470
*Total Male Population(in nos)66985
*Total Female Population(in nos)65484
*Total Population 0-6 yrs(in nos)19200
*Total Male Population 0-6 yrs(in nos)9802
*Total Female Population 0-6 yrs(in nos)9398
*Total Literates(in nos)72080
*Total Male Literates(in nos)44727
*Total Female Literates(in nos)27352
*Total Households(in nos)18213
*Total Population(in nos)77187
*Total Male Population(in nos)38992
*Total Female Population(in nos)38194
*Total Population 0-6 yrs(in nos)11117
*Total Male Population 0-6 yrs(in nos)5746
*Total Female Population 0-6 yrs(in nos)5371
*Total Literates(in nos)43872
*Total Male Literates(in nos)26894
*Total Female Literates(in nos)16977
*Total Households(in nos)12260
*Total Population(in nos)53895
*Total Male Population(in nos)27213
*Total Female Population(in nos)26682
*Total Population 0-6 yrs(in nos)7286
*Total Male Population 0-6 yrs(in nos)3711
*Total Female Population 0-6 yrs(in nos)3575
*Total Literates(in nos)32769
*Total Male Literates(in nos)19916
*Total Female Literates(in nos)12853